The Optiva Group, Ltd.

As a Business and Operational Management Company, The Optiva Group, Ltd. prides itself in supplying senior level strategic direction for its own projects as well as those of our clients. Whether building a business or a building, developing a technology or new market segment, Optiva's foundation is structured in a way that can supply support and assistance.

Optiva supplies management assistance designed to realign companies that are heading in the wrong direction. Optiva supplies senior level management support in operational management, human resources, marketing selection, accounting, investment support and real estate/construction services. As a third party support team, Optiva has only one goal – Success.

The ability to develop and implement a marketing/business plan that provides the structure, organization, management support and employee development while guiding a product/business to a successful outcome is Optiva's main focus.  If your proposed goal is reorganization, growth, merger, joint venture or out right sale, Optiva may be able to help. We take your goal(s) to heart and focus on one single vision, Success.

Optiva is comprised of a multi-discipline management team with experience and expertise in:

  • business organization

  • emerging technology

  • real estate development

  • human resources

  • change management

  • marketing and advertising

  • information technology

  • investments

Bring an invaluable sense of vision to your enterprise with The Optiva Group. Our goal and mission for any and all projects is simply stated:

Maximum Success In Life(SM)